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Peristaltic pump used in pumping yeast with in wineries

2016-07-14 17:26:36

Leadcrete hose pumps in the filter press
Process to remove the yeast is usually composed of the introduction of diatomaceous earth (DE) earth into the fermented wine. Diatomaceous earth attract yeast cells specks form into clumps, stay in a pulp suspension is called yeast. Yeast slurry from the filter press and Leadcrete peristaltic pump, before finally stored or bottled wine.

From yeast slurry storage containers, slurry into the peristaltic pump through a 32 mm suction line by flexible hose Leadcrete reduce pulsation. Peristaltic pump Leadcrete with DIN 11851, SC 32 mm stainless steel sanitary connections, reduce tubing insert for 25 mm. Pump drive is a 1.1 kw 48 RPM speed reducer to pump, the delivery of 800 l/hr products of filter press.

Discharge side of the filter press pump, 32 mm hose is used to feed of filter press.It is important to eliminate the pulse peristaltic pump emissions, so in addition to the hose, the installation of a gas chamber. Air chamber has a volume of about 20 liters, let it absorb pulse, and as a pressurized tank filter.

Chamber filter is evenly filled with wine/yeast slurry mixture, pressure of 10.This pressure is maintained and no more than effective operation. Realize the pressure sensor installed at the top of the air chamber, will stop Leadcrete registered 10 when operating pressure. Pump at least one of the pressing shoes can always be completely compression hose, ACTS as a valve, so as to keep the pressure in the air chamber and box type filter.

When the wine slowly through the filter of indoor air pressure is reduced, until 7 bar pressure sensor registers, then it will restart Leadcrete pump. The industrial hose pump to stop and start in this cycle, maintaining an even pressure between 7 and 10 until the filter is completely filled with yeast solid. The last, when the feed yeast slurry container is empty, peristalsis Leadcrete pump dry without damage. Or, if the filter blocking a batch of hose pump could be reversed empty yeast slurry filtration and air chamber, leave the filter drier, so the yeast cake can be removed. Some of the reasons why the winery Leadcrete hose pump is welcome.

In these wineries in Germany the duty cycle is for approximately 500 running hours per unit per year. 

After each season, the hose inside the pump is replaced with a new one. 

Advantages and benefits of the Leadcrete hose pumps: 

1.       Self -priming, only tube to replace, yeast product can be taken from the storage vessel, even if this is below the filter unit

2.       Metering capability, constant flow to the filter at increasing pressures

3.       No moving part in the liquid stream, only the hose in contact with the wine

4.       Reduced maintenance, only the hose as wearing part

5.       Dry –running without damage, Reversible, at the end of each batch the pump runs dry without problems

6.       Non return valves are not required as the pressing shoe close the hose completely.

7.       Easy maintenance, low-cost, short down time.

hose grout pump used in pumping yeast with in wineries


hose pump for filter press machine used in pumping yeast with in wineries


peristaltic pump used in pumping yeast with in wineries


hose pump pumping yeast


pumping yeast with in wineries


squeeze pump used in pumping yeast




pumping yeast



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