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Possible causes of shotcrete machine motor burned

2016-08-08 16:56:49

Main summarize several reasons of shotcrete machine motor burned out, we clearly understand the cause, we must learn to buy their own spraying machine maintenance, minimizing the chance of motor burned out, saving workers' time. Here we take a look at several possible motor burn it.

Possible causes of shotcrete machine motor burned out are:

First, the motor works long hours in the case of phase.

This is a killer three-phase asynchronous motors, the general quality of the motor burned out up to ten minutes. The most frightening is the lack of the entire power supply system phase, plus a lot of the switching device is self-locking or automatically open (such as pumps, fans), sending electrical accident phase after a power failure, it may burn about a dozen motor .

Second, motor oil, long dry scraping, no medium flow, the motor overheating.

Insulation because water or moisture caused by decreased also common causes of damage, but there is no way for protection.

Third, the motor reverse time

If the protection function is normal (to install a proper thermal relay), generally does not occur. But we must always pay attention to the thermal relay not be verified, and the protection of value is not very accurate, and ultimately to make the failure to protect the health.

Fourth, the short-circuit at motor connection.

Among them, bearing damage, caused by wear cap, spindle wear, rotor sweep chamber, causing burn injuries line package is also a main reason. Other common reasons are: If the voltage is too low or too high, causing vibrations loose terminal phase short circuit, pest hazards, imported and domestic motor voltage voltage mismatch, kind of decompression starter circuit fault caused no conversion, low-voltage electrical work for a long time etc. 

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