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Hydroseeding machine for planting grass of landscape project

2016-08-07 17:07:46

Hydroseeding machine with high volume and pressure pump is widely used for residential, small commercial lawn establishment, straw tacking, watering, landscape project etc.

hydroseeding machine

Seed that add to the hydroseeding equipment tank are quite important. Seeds are growing mainly based on the soil, water and environment. Same seeds growing in different environment place will be different. Some may grow quite well and some may cannot sprout and grow. So please ensure using proper seeds.

hydroseeding equipment

When you see different seeding rates per 1000 square feet, one of the objectives is to keep the number of plants in a given area similar. Even though a small seed may be seeded at a few pounds or less per thousand and a larger seed may be seeded at 5 to 7 pounds per 1000 square feet or more, the goal is usually to have about 1500 plants per square foot.

hydroseeder spray grass seed 

Seed purity and germination percent is very important. To compute pure live seed multiply the "germination percent" X "purity" and divide that by "100" to get PURE LIVE SEED.

     96% germination x 75% purity = 72% PLS 100

Then divide the "Cost per pound" by "Pure Live Seed" and you will have the cost per pound of the Pure Live Seed.

Hydromulching equipment can spray the seeds etc. mixture well-proportioned, which will help you save the total cost.

hydromulching equipment for landscape

For more information about hydroseeder spray grass seed, please email us.

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