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A series of LH10/LH15 Metering pump(hose pump)

2016-08-06 14:04:36

LH10 / LH15 hose pump which is a high precision metering pump is designed to Meet measurement of the abrasive, sticky, and corrosive liquid. Traditional metering pump in the measurement of polyester, the viscous and abrasive medium such as lime, in addition to the problems of pump itself, abrasive medium erosion and beset the wetted components of flowmeter , leading to inaccurate measurement, some of the slurry are metered difficultly by flowmeter. but, Hose pump ‘s flow that has nothing to do with the medium characteristic and the outlet pressure fixes per turn, the problems above can be easily solved by using the hose pump and a velometer. It is widely used in food, health, chemical field and laboratory measurement, etc. So the hose pump is more and more get the favour of customers

The pump has the following advantages valve, suitable for pumping viscous medium
2. high measuring accuracy±1%
3. strong self-priming capacity, vacuum degree was about 95%
4.continuous uniform pumping , small Pulse
5. Less wearing parts, only the hose is wearing parts
6. flow stepless adjustable
7.only need to replace the hose material, can adapt to different

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