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Shotcrete machine used in small tunneling

2020-04-21 14:41:16

Shotcrete machine used in small tunneling 

Shotcrete machine is commonly used in small tunneling, in mines, subways, and automobile tunnels.
Shotcrete machine is used to reinforce both temporary and permanent excavations. It may be employed, in concert with lagging and other forms of earth anchor, to stabilize an excavation for an underground parking structure or hi-rise during construction. This provides a large waterproof enclosure in which a structure can be erected. Once the structure is completed the area between its foundation and the shotcrete is backfilled and compacted.
Shotcrete machine is used for small tunneling project, usually choose wet mix shotcrete machine. Considering that small tunneling project don’t have too much dust in the using, on the other hand, small tunneling project is important project, need higher strength. Wet mix shotcrete machine have some outstanding features, such as low rebound, low dust, high strength than dry mix shotcrete machine.

Nowadays, we have two kinds wet shotcrete machine for tunnel, rotor type wet shotcrete machine and pump type wet shotcrete machine. Rotor type shotcrete machine is belong to thin flow shotcrete machine, adding compressed air in the materials outlet. While pump type shotcrete machine is belong to thick flow shotcrete machine, adding compressed air in the nozzle.

Whichever wet shotcrete machine, all need accelerator to improve the solidification speed of concrete. For rotor type wet shotcrete machine, we could provide electric motor, diesel engine, air motor three drive type for customers. Diesel engine and air motor is very suitable for remote working site without electric supply. If customers want to electric motor drive, voltage is different with ours. It doesn’t matter, we could customize suitable motor according to customers’ voltage. 
Usually, one set of dosing pump is integrated in wet shotcrete machine frame, using for pumping accelerate in wet spraying process. Wet spraying process, wet materials have strong liquidity, in order to speed materials condense, adding the right amount of accelerator is essential.
For rotor type wet shotcrete machine for small tunneling, its hopper is different with dry mix shotcrete machine. Unique hopper design is good for exhaust, achieving best spraying effect. Four-point spring compression device position selection, made rotor steel plate and rubber sealing plate easy to compress, avoid materials leaks.

shotcrete machine in small tunnel

For pump type wet shotcrete machine, it uses hydraulic pumping S valve structure, two oil cylinders reciprocating motion alternately to pump concrete from conveying pipe to nozzle, add compress air to wet shotcrete machine outlet and add a percentage of the accelerator at nozzle, concrete slurry be sprayed to surface directly. The pump type wet shotcrete machine output could be adjusted continuously: main oil pump is variable displacement plunger pump, spraying volume could be adjusted freely. Accelerating adding quantity could be adjusted continuously: according to concrete spraying volume adjust step-less.

shotcrete machine used in small tunneling

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