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Unit price for refractory gunning machine

2020-04-20 14:18:56

Unit price for refractory gunning machine 
Leadcrete refractory gunning machine is a well-proven procedure by which refractory material and castable can be applied quickly and cheaply. It is used for the hot repair of ladles and melting furnaces as well as relining or cold repair of the back lining. Our refractory gunning machine have been exported to Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, English, Oman etc. country, and received better feedback from customers because of its better spraying effect. If you are interested in refractory gunning machine, please contact us freely,, we will send detailed information and unit price for refractory gunning machine to you soon.
Refractory gunning machine working principle:
The dry mixture for spraying or transportation is poured in the machine and smoothly fills chamber of the rotor below the hopper. To fill a mixture into the rotor more easily, a electric vibrator and a rippling are fitted in the hopper. The rotating movement of the rotor moves the mixture along by 180° in the clockwise direction. The mixture is thus blown out from individual chamber of the rotor into transport hoses. As the materials passes through the blower into the transport hoses, lower pressure air is added to enhance the continuous flow of the material in hoses. The hoses are equipped with the spraying nozzles assy at the end, into which the mixing water is fed at the same time to wet the transported mixture. The required wetting of the mixture is controlled with the supply cock.
Our refractory gunning machine is equipped with a high pressure water pump for high pressure water and atomization in the nozzle. At the same time, the refractory gunite machine is also equipped with a new type of pre-damping nozzle assembly, which has lower rebound rate and less dust than other common nozzles, reducing the amount of water added. Equipped with ABB inverter, the output of the refractory glue machine can be adjusted according to the customer's project requirements.

refractory gunning machine price

Confirm request of refractory gunning machine:
In order to recommend one suitable type refractory gunning machine and quote refractory gunning machine unit price more quickly, please help us to confirm the following points:
1. What's the project you will use refractory gunning machine do?
2. What is the output do you need, 3m3/h, 5m3/h?
3. Drive type mode? Do you want electric or air motor? What voltage it is on your local? It is 3 phase 380V 50Hz in China.
4. Do you have any other special requirements for the refractory gunning machine?

If you don’t know the answers also no problem, Lead equipment also has its own technical team and with research and development ability, please send the application of the product or the parameter information you need to our email ID, we will offer solution according to your demands to you, then amend, confirm, So any question or any demands on the refractory gunning machine, please contact us without any hesitation, once confirm the detailed needs on the refractory gunning machine, more better solution will be offered to you at first time. Contact us now for more information and price for refractory gunning machine now!!!

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