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Shotcrete Machine used for Ground support and Underground

2016-01-02 18:36:44

Earth excavations are effectively sprayed concrete and a variety of reinforcement and fixing system stability. Stabilized soil excavation with shotcrete has over traditional wood and steel support technological superiority. Spraying is also very suitable ground support in tunneling and mining. It provides an early ground support after blasting or excavation; early strength development, which provides the flexibility to allow for ground stability and stress relief; and provide capacity makes it ideally suited to any tunnel in accordance with local natural irregular profile without a template, which makes . This is also the preferred material / process subway station, while drift, shops, and provide long-term stability. It can be used as a final or permanent lining of underground structures.

shotcrete machine used in tunnel

shotcrete machine used for ground support


shotcrete machine used for underground


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