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Wet mix shotcrete machine for sale

2021-08-09 20:41:25

Wet mix shotcrete machine for sale
Zhengzhou Lead Equipment Co., Ltd, is a professional
shotcrete machine manufacturerused for wet mix. We have developed full series of wet mix shotcrete machine, output from 1.5m3/h to 8m3/h, electric motor, air motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine are available. We have the following types of wet mix shotcrete machine for sale, and we can customize wet mix shotcrete machine according to customer's request.

Wet mix shotcrete machine process:

Wet mix shotcrete machine

For a wet mix shotcrete machine, when the concrete mix is ​​applied in a so-called wet method, the buffer is filled with the prepared wet mix. In principle, the mixture is passed through the machine in the same way as when spraying a dry mixture. For the addition of chemical additives (such as accelerator additive) the hose is taken from an external dose pump instead of mixing water with an LH15-200 pump. During wet firing, the wet mix shotcrete machine is filled with a completely wet pre-mixed mixture. Compressed air flow can move the wet mixture from the wet mix shotcrete machine.

output 1.5-3m3/h wet mix shotcrete machine


output 5m3/h wet mix shotcrete machine

 wet mix shotcrete machine for sale 

Wet mix shotcrete machine

output 6-8m3/h wet mix shotcrete machine

wet mix shotcrete machine

output 5-8m3/h wet mix shotcrete machine

     Wet mix shotcrete machine
Wet mix shotcrete machine has follow advantage:
1. Contrary to the dry method, the generation of dust is almost eradicated and the falling off of the material is significantly reduced to about 10%.
2. It is also possible to adjust the water coefficient W/C more efficiently and the quality of sprayed concrete is not affected as much by the service personnel as they are not required to adjust the water flow.

If you are interested in our wet mix shotcrete machine, please contact us freely,
Before we send quotation, please let me know the following question:
1. What's the project you will use the machine do, for slope protect or swimming pool or other? 
2. Do you need dry-mix shotcrete machine or wet-mix shotcrete machine?
3. What's the output you need, 3m3/h, 5m3/h, 7m3/h, 9m3/h, or other? 
4. What's the maximum particle size of the material, less than 10mm, 15mm, or 20mm? 
5. About the engine, do you need air motor, electric or diesel ? What voltage it is on your local? It is 3 phase 380V 50Hz in China.

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