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Shotcrete for swimming pool

2017-01-18 15:54:20

According to personal experience, when a residential swimming pool is well maintained, the salt water system makes it very nice and soft water. Commercial salt water ponds are difficult to design, sell, and then properly maintained to prevent salt from premature deterioration. Shotcrete is the best product to withstand any negative effects of salt on the structure.

Many of these items are specific to all types of swimming pools, whether they are shotcrete, liner, on-site pouring, or any other method. Properly placed shotcrete, however, it is the best product to withstand any negative effects of salt on the structure. The liner pool usually has more exposed metal pieces, and the pour pool has a planned building joint. Spray pond is integral, the only metal part is the embedded reinforcement. The chances of chloride penetration in the brine are greatly reduced by appropriate concrete mix design and appropriate nozzle technology. Castin-place pools have building joints that have a higher chance of allowing brine to penetrate into the reinforcement and cause corrosion problems, especially if the flaps are improperly placed or poorly packaged. Epoxy coated rebars may be used if care is taken to reach the bar brine, but shorts in coated steel reinforcement in the field may actually cause more corrosion problems than uncoated steel bars if not properly treated. When using the appropriate construction method, epoxy-coated steel bars are not required.

In summary, the salt water pool certainly has some comfort benefits for the user. However, the challenges in designing, building and maintaining these systems need to take into account the overall cost-effectiveness of the pool. While salt water tanks reduce the amount of chlorine required for sterilization. Alternative systems such as UV and ozone may be (or even more) effective.
Leadcrete shotcrete machine has the advantage of high quality and competitive price and good after-sales service. Through efforts, Leadcrete will become the best supplier of shotcrete machine for swimming pool from China.

Shotcrete machine for swimming pool

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