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Why choose shotcrete machine?

2017-01-19 16:27:49

Shotcrete Machine Features and benefits
Concrete is often described as material, but not as a process. Wet process and dry process production and material have excellent quality of conventional concrete hardening properties, such as high strength, low permeability and high durability.
Although similar to conventional jet concrete cast-in-situ concrete hardening properties, the properties of the sprayed concrete pouring process provides additional benefits, such as good bond with bottom and instant or fast ability, especially in complex form or shape.
Both the features and drying process of wet spray can be further enhanced by adding different additives, additive, etc.:

silicon powder - provides lower permeability, compressive strength and flexural strength increased, adding alkali, chemical corrosion resistance, improve the resistance to water flushing, reduce the level of the rebound, and allow the thicker the application of single pass;
air-entraining admixture, improve in the process of wet and dry wet shotcrete process of pump ability and freeze-thaw durability and adhesion;
fiber control cracking and improve toughness value, improve the shock energy absorption; and
accelerated the characteristics of the increase in adverse conditions placed, allowing a single application of thick, increase production capacity, and reduce the radiation of vibrating structure.

Sustainable development
Numerous advantages in the process of spray is particularly evident, from the perspective of sustainable development, look. Unlike many requirements of sustainable development, is based on political or social ideal, often hard to quantify and confirmed that the spray process sustainable advantage direct and positive effect on economic aspects of the project, to fall in with the traditional business decisions, such as material, labor, and save time as well as the improvement of quality.
In addition to the "top ten" sustainable advantage of sprayed concrete, asa'ssustainability page provides rich thematic information.
1. The template can save 50 to 100% than traditional cast-in-situ construction;
2. Don't have to design the pressure within the template;
3. The requirement of complex shape are very few, if any, template;
4. Cranes and other equipment savings or eliminated;
5. The labor saving at least 50% in the application of repair;
6. New construction speed, saving the 33 to 50%;
7. Repair, reduce or eliminate downtime, speed;
8. Better bonding to the substrate, so as to improve the durability;
9. Adaptive repair is not with the other in the process of surface;

10. Ability to limited space, inaccessible areas to visit, including aerial and underground.

Shotcrete Machine Features and benefits

Dry mix or wet mix process or method
Dry mixing (sometimes called jet);
Wet mix;

Wet or dry?
Although the wet and dry shotcrete have specific interests, in the technical progress of materials and equipment, make these two processes are almost inter changeable. In most applications, the

better method is for sure:
provide materials and equipment;
site visit;

professional contractor's preference;
Today, the level of a rebound, dust concentration, performance bond strength, compressive strength, durability can methods, such as whether to use wet or dry.

The application of sprayed concrete
repair and recovery;
ground support;
new buildings;
pool, water features, and skate park;
tanks and dome;
architecture and landscape;

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