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Peristaltic pump for bentonite grout

2017-01-17 11:55:50

One of the main uses of bentonite is as a drilling fluid material. Drilling mud is the colloidal dispersion of small particles in water formed by the suspension of the sol, through the chemical treatment agent configuration. 

Peristaltic pumps are positive-displacement pumps that do not contain seals, valves or moving parts in the flow path, largely eliminating the risk of clogging, leaking, corrosion or contamination. The pump casing houses a flexible hose that contains the fluid to be pumped. A rotor, with several lobes attached to its circumference, turns to compress the flexible tube and force the fluid through. Besides, the hose pumps can be run in reverse to clear blockages, and then run in the correct direction once clear.

Because of these superior characteristics of the hose pump, which depend on peristaltic pump is the ideal machine for bentonite grout.

 Peristaltic pump for bentonite grout