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Self-loading planetary mixer with a capacity of 1 m3

2023-10-27 17:39:11

The self-loading planetary mixer features rapid and vigorous stirring, a short mixing cycle, and high efficiency. Its mixing arm executes a planetary motion, forcefully blending the materials as the mixing device rotates. This results in a thorough and high-quality mixture.

self-loading planetary mixer

Throughout the mixing process, there is no direct contact between the inner concrete and the transmission components, eliminating concerns of main shaft end wear or sealing issues, and effectively addressing slurry leakage. The top-mounted motor and reducer offer convenience for maintenance, upkeep, and cleaning. This mixer boasts a flexible discharge position and can be equipped with multiple discharge doors. Its intricate mixing trajectory yields many advantages, ensuring a quick and uniform mixture. The planetary concrete mixer is particularly suited for applications requiring high-quality concrete and industries with stringent mixing fineness requirements.

self-loading planetary mixer for sale

With a 1 m3 capacity, the self-loading planetary mixer avoids uneven mixing or dead spots, thanks to its potent mixing force. Technical enhancements in the mixer's design details align with material-specific mixing needs. Mixing blades are crafted with a parallelogram shape and feeding angle, significantly reducing material mixing resistance, enhancing concrete flow, and promoting even material blending.

The transmission system of the 1 m3 self-loading planetary mixer is both stable and dependable, enabling consistent operation. Its vertical structure provides the necessary space for thorough material mixing within the cylinder, ensuring homogeneity and efficiency.

1 m3 capacity self-loading planetary mixer

This mixer has been developed in accordance with the practical requirements of concrete mixing applications. It takes into account on-site construction and production conditions, as well as future equipment advancements. Building upon previous mixer designs, it undergoes optimization to enhance its overall performance.

1 m3 capacity planetary mixer

The sealed structure design showcases outstanding environmental performance. Additionally, the self-loading planetary concrete mixer can automatically adjust and control itself according to the specific material properties and operating conditions, thus offering excellent usability.

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