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Iron ditch castable mixer for sale

2023-10-30 15:51:26

The stiffness of each section and layer of the iron trench castable mixer liner and mixing blade material is the same, therefore, the wear rate does not change as the liner plate starts to wear and is affected by the stiffness of the aggregate used, the mixer wears The life expectancy of the components is long and production capacities of up to 5 cubic meters can be achieved depending on the mixer type and volume.

castable mixer for mixing iron ditch

The discharge door of the iron ditch castable mixer is hydraulically operated, and the position switch can be adjusted individually to control the flow of concrete through the discharge door. The discharge door is driven by a hydraulic power pack to ensure full opening and closing. Manual operation can be performed with the help of a hand pump in an emergency.

castable mixer for sale

Iron ditch castable mixers are all pre-wired and connected to the junction box to control the linkage of each part of the mixer. The planetary mixer comes standard with a hydraulic coupling to ensure a soft start of the mechanism to reduce the pressure on the mixing arm.

Access doors and viewing openings with safety switches are standard, ensuring safe and easy maintenance.

iron ditch castable mixer for sale

The transmission system is durable, and the high-quality motor and gearbox that have been used for many years have low energy consumption and provide the mixer with a long-lasting service life. Special applications: The design of the mixer can be changed or improved according to special applications such as qualitative refractory materials, indefinite refractory materials, etc.

iron ditch castable mixer

High-Precision Machinery: Using technologically advanced CNC drilling equipment, the mixer structure is perfectly aligned to ensure parallelism of the mixing shaft. If you are not sure whether our equipment is suitable for mixing your materials, you can come to the factory for free samples and let us provide you with a complete solution. Our project team will be happy to create unique solutions for different applications.

mixing time

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