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Factors affecting the purchase price of hose pumps

2017-11-01 11:23:15

We all know that in the actual purchase hose pump, the different hose pump because of the model, the hose pump is different for the price is not the same, then the specific hose pump in the industry is how to price it? Here to give you explain the impact what are the price factors for hose pumps?

First, the same type of function of the same type of hose pump products, pricing is generally the size of the flow as a benchmark for the higher prices, traffic prices lower prices. Because if you want to achieve a larger flow, the motor speed will have to improve, so the motor power will become larger, including the selection of transformers or DC power supply selection need to increase the power, this will result in additional hardware costs Expenditure, the price will be different.

Second, for different functions of different models of hose pump products, under normal circumstances is the hardware and software to double the standard price difference. For example, for the same flow hose pump products, you can have the basic model (digital display speed and parameters), flow models (LCD display flow value and other parameters), distribution model (LCD display flow value and other parameters) Kind of form. Basic models and flow models Product differences include both hardware and software factors, on the one hand the form is different, there will be additional costs of hardware costs; the other hand, the flow of software structure is more complex than the basic, in the preparation of the development process The cost is relatively high. For the flow model and distribution models are mainly concentrated in the cost of software development, the distribution of the program than the flow of the program to be a lot of complex.

Third, for the same flow range of the hose pump, the drive form will also cause a larger price difference. Such as explosion-proof models and ordinary power-driven models, the two drive the structure of the difference is great, the cost will be more difference.

Fourth, the difference between the pump head model will cause the price difference between the hose pump. Different pump head models due to the choice of materials, and processing methods, the cost will be much worse.

The above four points are the most important factors that affect the price of hose pumps.

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