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Professional cement grouting pump for sale

2018-03-24 17:13:26

Leadcrete cement grouting pump factory is a professional cement grouting pump manufacturer in China. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the development of support products. After years of development, we have developed cement grouting pumps with advanced technology in the industry. The cement grouting pump is widely used. Used for various grouting occasions, it is the most ideal and practical cement grouting pump at home and abroad. Cement grouting pump is widely used in roads, bridges, municipal buildings, tunnels, ports, dams, subways, underground projects and other constructions. Engineering and building products pressure grouting, conveying mortar and spraying operations. The cement injection pump has novel structure, simple and compact, small volume, safe and reliable work, convenient, easy maintenance, and high efficiency.

Cement grouting pump is the leader in the grouting project. Regardless of grouting efficiency or mechanical performance, cement grouting pump has always led the trend of grouting equipment. Then, what are the scope and precautions of cement grouting pump? Leadcrete cement grouting pump factory will share with you the scope and precautions of the cement grouting pump and hopefully it will give you a role.

Cement injection pump application scope:

Cement grouting pump is mainly used for repair and plugging of buildings, for example: expansion joints, deformation joints, construction joints, leakage points, lift pits and other chemical grouting waterproof plugging purposes.

The use of cement grouting pump precautions:

1. Before using the machine, add a proper amount of grease to the hinge of the joystick and shake the handle at a uniform speed to ensure flexible use and prevent corrosion.

2. When the fastener is loose when used, timely and moderately fasten.

3. Use moderate force when shaking the handle to prevent damage to parts.

4. The inlet and outlet pipe joints are tightly connected with the pump body after being fastened with steel wire cards.

The above is the scope and precautions of the Leadcrete cement grouting pump. If you have any problems about cement grouting pump for sale, please email us. Email address:

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