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What does cement grouting pump need to pay attention to

2018-03-26 18:03:31

The hydraulic grouting pump conveying pipe should have firm support, minimize the state of the elbow pipe, and the joints should be firmly connected. No heavy pressure can be applied or suspended on the pipeline. Empty operation should be carried out to check that the direction of rotation is correct, and the transmission section, working device, and hopper strainer are complete and reliable. Before using a cement injection pump, we need to note the following issues:

The grout pump is used to pump concentrated lime water or lime paste into the pipeline to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Only when it is working properly can mortar be put into the pump. The mortar pump must be continuously operated. When no mortar is used for a short period of time, the slurry return valve can be opened so that the mortar can circulate in the pump body. If the downtime is long, it should be pumped once every 3 to 5 minutes to make the mortar in the pipeline and pump body. Flow to prevent condensation and blockage.

Cement grouting machine matters needing attention: before the use of the first water test, test and check the joints and pump body packing is leaking; after the dry pump test water, the thin mortar sent to the pipeline to lubricate the pipeline, especially the first time It is more important to use new pipes to avoid pipe blockage. Check the ball valve for proper operation when testing the water. When using, start the mortar pump and then put the mortar. Use the mortar in the mortar bucket at any time to prevent sedimentation. Pay attention to the pressure gauge pointer. When the pressure exceeds the limit, the power supply should be turned off and then started after the pressure is reduced to prevent the hose from burst due to high pressure.

cement grouting pump

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