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Pressure grouting machine suppliers

2022-10-27 05:00:05

As a professional pressure grouting machine supplier and maufacturer, we have obtained ISO, SGS and CE certificates. Our pressure grouting machine adopts advanced grouting technology to ensure higher stability and reliability.

pressure grouting machine supplier

High pressure grouting machine has the following features and advantages:
1. The cement grouting pump is compact and light in weight
2. Easy operation via control panel
3. Adopt reversible valve and valve plate, long maintenance period
4. Easy to maintain on site
5. No special disassembly tools required
6. Newly developed automatic lubrication system
7. Extended plunger and packing maintenance intervals
8. The speed control knob can fine-tune the amount of mud discharge

pressure grouting machine for sale

In a word, the pressure grouting machine has long service life, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, low operating cost and high safety.

pressure grouting machine maufacturer

High pressure grouting machines are specially designed for grouting applications:
1. Cement grouting pumps for mining applications - driveway reinforcement, backfill, waterproof grouting.
2. Cement grouting pumps for building construction - building and bridge maintenance, foundation reinforcement, slope support, soil compaction, magma grouting.
3. Cement slurry pump for civil engineering - dam, tunnel, subway, mine, soil nail wall, curtain wall, bolt, cable trench, anchoring slurry.
4. Engineering cement grouting pump - grouting reinforcement of underwater foundations, offshore platforms and coastal foundations.
Leadcrete Equipment is specialized in the research, development and manufacture of cement grouting pumps. There is no problem with custom grouting pump flow and pressure to meet different grouting projects.

pressure grouting machine exporter

Leadcrete Equipment has developed a variety of high pressure grouting machines for sale, including piston, plunger and hose type grouting machines. Grouting machine power: motor, diesel engine, air pressure can be customized. For more information on grouting machines for sale, contact us today to learn more about our grouting business! Email address:

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