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Portable dry shotcrete machine suppliers

2018-02-27 13:24:07

Sprayed shotcrete is the construction method of spraying gunite concrete with pressure spray gun. Air driven shotcrete is pre-equipped with good cement, sand, gravel, water and a certain amount of admixture into the jet, the use of high-pressure air to the nozzle and quick-setting admixture, the high velocity spray to the rock or concrete surface.

This article will focus on equipment of the dry shotcrete machine and customers are most concerned about the shotcrete machine China suppliers.

air driven shotcrete machine

Sprayed shotcrete dry mixing method

Dry mixing method is a method with cement, sand, stone in the dry state of mixing evenly, with compressed air and quick-setting agent to the nozzle and pressure water mixed sprinkler irrigation.


1. This method must be operated by skilled personnel。

2. Water-cement ratio should be small.

3. Pebbles to be used with a continuous grading, particle size must not be too large.

4. The amount of cement should not be too small, the general availability of concrete strength of 28 to 34 MPa and good adhesion.

5. However, due to the jet speed, dust pollution and rebound more serious, the use of subject to certain restrictions.


Dry shotcrete machine commonly used in irrigation tunnel lining, walls, ceiling and other thin-walled structures or other structures lining and steel protective layer.

portable shotcrete machine

Ready to work

1. Check whether the installation of the bolt meets the design requirements, identify problems in a timely manner.

2. Clean up the scene of the waste rock debris. The spraying machine is installed in the top of the rock stable and safe place, from the track clearance can not be less than 0.5m.

3. Good wind, water pipelines, feeding pipelines should not be sharp and straight. Joints should be tight, shall not leak. It is forbidden to use non-antistatic plastic pipe as material conveying pipe.

4. Check whether the shotcrete machine intact. And send the electric no-load test operation, fastening a good friction plate. Leakage may not occur.

5. Before the jet must be flushed with high-pressure feng shui rock face, in the tunnel vault and two should be set spray thick sign.

6. Spray shotcrete personnel to wear complete and effective labor insurance products.

Shotcrete work

Before starting the jetting operation, the old belt should be laid on the jetting site in order to collect the rebound. And the rebound rate does not exceed 10%.

1. Open boiled water, adjust the amount of water, keep the wind pressure not lower than 0.4MPa, water pressure should be higher than the pressure of about 0.1MPa, add water with the shooter's experience to be controlled, water-cement ratio of 0.4.

2. Spray hand-operated nozzle, flushing rock face from top to bottom.

3. Power transmission, open spray pulp mixer, feeding shotcrete.

shotcrete machine China

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