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Plaster machine for sale to Philippines

2019-11-15 14:09:17

Plaster machine for sale to Philippines 
LMP50/40 Mortar
plaster machine for sale to Philippines mainly use in internal and external wall of building, mortar sprayer and the external wall insulation mortar sprayer material, refractory material spraying. There are a lot of features about our plaster machine in Philippines, such as : save water and material, reduce the cost, operate easily, no need of scaffolding, without moving the equipment, spray freely. Plastering machine has the advantages of fast speed ,high efficiency, low labor. Plastering machine have been exported to Philippines, and plaster machine in Philippines is highly praised by our customers.

plaster machine plastering machine

plaster machine in Philippines for sale adopts camshaft drive, piston structure automatic control and setting, large flow rate, long service life. This plaster machine is mainly used for pressure transportation, plastering all kinds of dry ready-mixed mortar, plastering mortar, lime mortar, thermal insulation fire-proof mortar, ground mortar, adhesive mortar, brick mortar, reinforced mortar, filling mortar, pouring mortar, thermal insulation mortar, fiber mortar, self-leveling mortar, repair and reinforcement mortar.

plaster machine in Philippines

plaster machine for sale to Philippines

Philippines plaster machines
 are widely used in urban buildings, tunnels, bridges, road traffic projects, water conservancy projects and wall plastering in the whole crack grouting. It can also be used to produce all kinds of heat preservation, waterproof, sound insulation new board and so on. It is also used in construction industry, internal and external wall plastering, mortar spraying, external wall thermal insulation mortar spraying, material can mortar blank, refractory coating, large building spray fire prevention material, waterproof coating and so on.

Philippines plaster machine

plaster machine for sale

Our plaster machine for sale is a single cylinder and single acting piston pump, which is mainly designed to transport and spray mortar or mortar. The plaster pump has the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, low failure rate, convenient cleaning, easy maintenance and high pumping pressure, so it is widely used in tunnel excavation, maintenance, mine engineering and dam construction for mortar spraying and pumping grouting. Bridge and foundation treatment projects. The plaster machine in Philippines has also been used in plaster and putty pumping and spraying civil buildings.

plaster machine for sale to Philippines

Philippines mortar plaster machine

Main features Plaster machine for sale:

1. Adjust the flow size and adjust the best coating effect.
2. The electric appliance control box is equipped with a remote-control spraying switch, in addition to the switch.
3. The connection between the spray gun and the feed tube can be rotated to facilitate operation.
4. High efficiency and good quality.
5. The invention has the advantages of simple structure, easy on-site treatment, low cost and easy maintenance.
The automatic plaster mortar machine for sale 
in Philippines is a spraying device with high reliability, strong adaptability, firmness and durability and easy operation. The construction only requires three persons, one person to carry the raw material, one person to control the spray gun, and the third person to carry out auxiliary work (for example, moving the pipe). In the process of automatically completing water, mixing, and delivering the material in the machine. Compared with the traditional manual construction, labor, money and time can be saved. In addition, the project quality is much better than manual construction. The spray water pump is equipped with a safe operation control system, which can be shut down regardless of the fault, so as to ensure the safety of the machine and the operator. 

automatic plaster mortar machine for sale in Philippines

plaster mortar machine for sale in Philippines

Our services for Philippines plaster machine

1. If there is any problem, we will reply within 24 hours.
2. Provide guidance for installation, operation and maintenance.
3. Provide all spare parts to our customers. We also have a lot of spare parts inventory that can be quickly sent to you.
4. The Engineer may assist in the installation and training of personnel at the overseas work site.

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