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150L mixing capacity planetary mixer for UHPC

2024-01-19 17:13:47

High uniformity and workability in producing UHPC concrete mixtures are demands of concrete producers everywhere. Achieving this in a short turnaround time without compromising on quality is critical to their success. Our planetary mixer for UHPC provides a reliable solution to achieve this goal. Our planetary mixers provide high quality mixing of all types of concrete, cement like precast concrete, ready mix concrete, fiber reinforced, self-compacting concrete and other aggregates using planetary mixing units. UHPC Planetary concrete mixer is widely used by precast producers to achieve greater uniformity and provide long-lasting performance.

UHPC planetary concrete mixer

1. Short mixing time and high homogenization
The versatile design of the planetary mixer for UHPC provides powerful production capabilities, even for challenging concrete applications. This is achieved through a planetary stirring device that rotates around the center point of the mixer, a mixing method of rotation plus revolution. This provides a high degree of homogenization even within short mixing times.

150L UHPC planetary mixer

2. Lining of various materials, more wear-resistant
The 150L mixing capacity planetary mixer for UHPC is equipped with a lining cast from nickel carbide, surfacing, etc., which has extremely strong wear resistance. The advantage is consistent rigidity, which reduces the rate of change in wear caused by different parts of the machine, extending the life expectancy of the mixer parts.

150L planetary mixer for UHPC

3. Compact structure, easy installation and maintenance
The 150L planetary mixer for UHPC has an optimized compact structure and component design, requiring less space in factory layouts. The design also makes installation and commissioning effortless. Large maintenance doors and replaceable bolt liners make maintenance of the machine easy.

150L mixing capacity planetary mixer for UHPC

UHPC planetary concrete mixer components: UHPC planetary concrete mixer is designed to provide better mixing performance. Each component is carefully crafted and assembled to provide long-lasting concrete production functionality.

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