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Heavy-duty planetary mixer for UHPC ultra high-performance concrete

2024-02-28 13:57:44

Heavy-duty electric planetary mixer has an important position in the ultra-high-performance concrete industry. Through equipment optimization and innovation, our self-developed heavy-duty electric planetary mixer can meet the mixing needs of ultra-high-performance concrete. The material can still achieve high uniformity, achieve high-quality dispersion and mixing, and the streamline-type mixing arm design can effectively reduce the resistance of material mixing.

heavy-duty planetary mixer for UHPC

Heavy-duty electric planetary mixer means high uniformity, high environmental protection and low consumption in the mixing of UHPC concrete. And the scope is getting wider and wider, correspondingly, the demand for UHPC mixers has shown a significant increase. For materials that are difficult to mix, such as steel fibers, ordinary mixers are difficult to achieve true uniformity. In response to this problem, we introduced Planetary mixer for UHPC ultra high-performance concrete.

planetary mixer for UHPC ultra high-performance concrete

The special advantages of UHPC ultra high-performance concrete planetary mixer include:
*Strong mixing power realizes all-round material mixing, no dead angle mixing, dense planetary mixing track, wide coverage area
* High comprehensive mixing efficiency, high uniformity
*The whole machine is compact in structure, reasonable in design, the interior ensures sufficient space for use, and the overall space is small, so it can be better arranged on the production line.
*The mixing blade is designed as a parallelogram structure, which can be used up and down, effectively improving the utilization rate of the blade
* The unique measuring device can be selected according to the customer's needs, improve the accuracy of the mixing ratio, and avoid the problem of the difference in the mixing effect caused by adding too little or too much material.

UHPC planetary concrete mixer

The heavy-duty electric planetary mixer has a stable and reliable transmission device that realizes the normal operation of the UHPC planetary mixer. It is brought to the mixing track one at a time to achieve multi-position and multi-level highly homogeneous mixing. Moreover, the vertical structure meets the requirements of the internal mixing space of the material, and completes the mixing of the material in the cylinder within the sufficient mixing space. Rapid displacement, achieving the effect of combining uniformity and efficiency.

UHPC ultra high-performance concrete planetary mixer

UHPC planetary concrete mixer also has the smooth operation of the equipment and the consistency of mixing batches, ensuring the consistency and homogeneity of the application as an industry-specific concrete mixing equipment in the field of ultra-high-performance concrete industry, single motor support operation. Steady, high synchronous transmission efficiency, strong mixing and mixing action, so that no delamination, segregation, etc. phenomena will occur after the mixing of the material is finished.

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