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Planetary mixer for castable refractory

2023-01-16 14:29:11

The planetary mixer for castable refractory is specially designed for high precision and high homogeneity in the production and preparation of refractory materials. In the process of refractory material production and preparation, the mixing and homogeneity state of refractory raw materials largely determines final quality. For refractory materials, under the interaction of stirring and reaction force, time determines the best stirring effect that can be stirred. Stirring for a long time will lead to a decline in material quality. Leadcrete Equipment has rich experience in the field of refractory mixing and preparation With rich experience, it can meet the needs of high-quality mixing preparation in the refractory industry.

Planetary mixer for castable refractory

The planetary mixer for castable refractory runs smoothly, has high processing flexibility, and can handle a wide range, especially in the process of preparing materials that are difficult to mix. It has more technical advantages. The planetary refractory castable mixer can be reliably controlled according to the actual situation of the user to ensure the implementation of efficient and high-quality mixing solutions. sexual fulfillment.

The slurry mixing speed of the planetary mixer for castable refractory is fast, and there is no agglomeration in the mixing. Under the condition of ensuring the consistency and fluidity of the slurry, the higher the viscosity, the better. The unique mixing, dispersing and stirring structure design of the refractory material mixer greatly improves the production capacity of the refractory material production equipment and enables efficient production. The planetary refractory castable mixer has a clean discharge and a 360-degree design with no dead ends.

planetary refractory castable mixer

The planetary mixer for castable refractory can adjust the mixing and mixing process in time through the two functions of preset and regulation. This kind of refractory mixing equipment has its own preset and regulation functions, which can be regulated in a timely and flexible manner during the production process to achieve accurate production. Handling is reliable. The refractory planetary castable mixer is also different from the general refractory mixer in terms of component configuration. In order to ensure that the refractory slurry is fully processed, this equipment has a lot of work clothes on the component configuration, such as frequency conversion control mixing bucket, mixing tool set, This results in ideal mixing uniformity. The refractory planetary mixer can also be equipped with a control cabinet, which is convenient for comprehensively observing the material processing status, fully automatic control and adjustment equipment, easy to operate and easy to use. 

Want to know much more working video and information of planetary mixer for castable refractory, you can contact us freely, email address: sales@leadcrete.comOEM service of planetary mixer for castable refractory is available. 

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