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2m3 UHPC planetary concrete mixer mix in one time

2023-01-31 17:52:02

2m3 UHPC planetary concrete mixer mix in one time UHPC concrete is mixed evenly and quickly, improving the mixing quality.

UHPC planetary concrete mixer can achieve a more compact design with a single-motor drive form. The power of the equipment is balanced and powerful, the equipment has high stability and reliability, and can complete high-demand processing.

2m3 UHPC planetary concrete mixer

UHPC planetary concrete mixer has high processing uniformity for UHPC ultra-high-performance concrete premix, high equipment energy utilization rate, and high-efficiency production.

Its unique planetary stirring scheme and rigorous structural configuration have laid a good stirring foundation for quickly achieving high-quality, high-homogeneous stirring effects.

This new UHPC planetary concrete mixer not only has high mixing efficiency, but also has high structural transformation kinetic energy intensity. The strong stirring ability drives the unique stirring structure to perform strong mixing of materials in rotation and revolution, and automatically adjusts the production status of materials to ensure the quality of material mixing.

UHPC planetary concrete mixer mix in one time

2m3 UHPC planetary concrete mixer mix in one time multi-group planetary device uses the principle of planetary mixing to forcely mix uhpc ultra-high performance concrete materials, strengthen the mixing force of uhpc ultra-high performance concrete mixer equipment, and use the combination of rotation and revolution to mix the materials Form a multi-directional 360-degree high-homogeneous mixing without dead ends.

Not only that, the 2m3 UHPC planetary concrete mixer has a high degree of automation. The strong mixing capacity drives the mixing structure to combine the rotation and revolution of the material to achieve high-uniform mixing, automatically adjust the production status of the material, and ensure the quality of the material mixing. The structure of the whole machine is scientific and rigorous. Sealing device, dust removal device, metering device and other structures are reliable and reasonable, and it is an important participant in the high-mixing solution of ultra-high performance concrete.

UHPC planetary concrete mixer

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