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Double piston mortar pump made in China

2018-06-19 18:36:23

Double piston mortar pump uses a material or mixture whose pressure is easily solidified to inject into the fractures or cavities of rock layers or soils to prevent leakage or solid foundations.

This double piston mortar pump compact structure, stable performance, adjustable pressure displacement, small size, light weight, easy disassembly handling, etc. It can not only be single-fluid grouting, but also double-liquid grouting, and can replace clean water pump and sewage at the construction site. Double piston mortar pumps are widely used in tunnel excavation and maintenance, roads, bridges, dams, mine construction and high-rise building foundation treatment projects and various grouting construction projects.

Double piston mortar pump application:

Double piston mortar pump is widely used for grouting of tunnels, coal roadways, plugging of bridge piers, and grouting with bolts. The biggest advantage can be simultaneous injection of mortar and quick-setting agent (glass water), can also be used as the top of the building, the ground cement mortar of the house.

Hydraulic drive: mechanical commutation, simple operation Material cylinder, piston adopts the most advanced lubrication system in the world, and it takes longer time to use.

Double piston mortar pump is easy to maintain, less consumables. Pressure, flow can be adjusted, mortar grouting, grout grouting, double liquid grouting (accelerator glass water). Double piston mortar pump also transports cement mortar.

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Double piston mortar pump made in China

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