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Mortar spraying machine for 2016 Bauma

2016-09-01 15:31:21

Mortar spraying machine is widely used in civil buildings, mine engineering, constructing dams, bridges and foundation treatment etc. projects.

LEC offers piston type, squeeze hose type and screw type mortar pump.

Piston type mortar plaster machine includes LMP35/30 mortar spraying pump with output 35l/min and LMP50/40 Mortar Spraying Machine with output 50l/min.

mortar spraying machine, 

mortar pump

Squeeze hose type have a lower pressure. LMP40/10 plaster machine with output 40l/min and LH38ME mortar pump with output 35L/min. These machines have little spare parts and easy to use.

mortar spraying machine price

mortar spraying machine price

Screw type mortar machine including LD-N series. LD-N2 Plastering Machine is widely used in the market. Continuous Spray and powerful used for putty, paint, coating materials etc.

Mortar spraying machine for 2016 Bauma

Mortar spraying machine for 2016 Bauma

We will attend BAUMA China 2016 in Shanghai. Welcome come to our booth.

 Mortar spraying machine for 2016 Bauma

For more information about mortar spraying machine price, please email us.