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China factory offer industrial peristaltic pump price with discount

2016-09-03 15:51:06

Industrial perstaltic pump is new type, multi-function industrial hose pump. It is completely out of the traditional pump impeller and shaft seal operation mode, pumping viscosity, corrosive large, fluid impurities of the medium transport has great advantages, and compared with traditional pump, perstaltic pump has a different principle and a wide range of applications.

Industrial peristaltic pumps have some unique advantages:

1.    No seal, no leakage and pollution;

2.    Advanced rolling technology, roller does not need any lubrication;

3.    Strong self-absorption capacity and self-cleaning ability, positive and negative suction;

4.    Simple hose assembly, simple maintenance, low maintenance costs, simple operation;

5.    Flow rate can be adjusted linearly, and have a certain metering functions;

6.    Pumping viscosity liquid does not produce any plugging;

7.    Long service life, high self-priming and outlet pressure.

In September, Purchasing our industrial peristaltic pump can have 2% discount, welcome to send inquiry to us. 

Industrial peristaltic pump

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