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Mortar spray machine for cement in South Africa

2019-01-23 10:29:47

The mortar spray machine for cement consists of push mechanism, distribution mechanism, pneumatic control and shotcrete mechanism, electronic control device. Push mechanism is a three-phase asynchronous motor as the prime mover, air compressor and reducer is actuated by belt drive.
The reducer amplifies the power torque input by the motor, reduces the speed and directly drives it to the crankshaft linkage mechanism, which converts the rotary power output by the reducer into the linear motion of large torque to drive the concrete piston to achieve push motion.

Mortar spray machine for cement

The distributing mechanism of mortar spray machine for cement South Africa is a device that control the feeding and discharge the particle of concrete cylinder. In the front of the concrete cylinder. Equipped with gravity ball valve group, when the concrete piston to the rear back, at bottom of ball valve tank of the rubber ball lifted under the principle of barometric, the inlet concrete appears and injection of concrete cylinder.
Instantly, the piston is stretching back to push forward while ending up with feeding material and at the bottom of the ball valve tank of the inlet rubber ball dropping and will have sealed up the inlet, the rubber ball at the top of ball valve tank is pushed away with concrete and the outlet is appear; concrete is pushed out under the extrusion of piston and concrete cylinder passing into the conveying tube at the same time.

Mortar spray machine in South Africa

At the end of the pushing motion stroke, the piston moves backward to switch feeding process instantly. At the moment, the outlet is sealed by the gravity of the rubber ball at the outlet and concrete dropping with pressure. Thus a distribution process of concrete in and out has been completed. A pressure relief valve is installed at the top of the discharge outlet ,which can ensure the safety of the pipe dismantler when blocking the pipe.
A pressure relief tank is installed at the end of the discharge outlet, which can effectively reduce the pulsation of the system caused by in and out of the material reversing. Followings will introduce more information of piston type mortar spraying machine next time. 

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