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Mortar pump usage and operation method

2014-07-04 15:15:29

LEC Mortar Pump Machine has variable output. And it mainly is used for the mortar transfer. It has stable and reliable function. It also has some obvious advantages, such as advanced technology, perfect structure, stable performance, convenient operation and longevity of service etc.
Application of our mortar pump:
Convey heating, heat insulation, light weight foam cement mortar.
Convey light-weight foam cement, mortar for ground heating, heat insulation.
Convey and injection of fireproof and heat preservation materials.
Press grouting and filling for all kinds of engineering and construction
Press grouting of pile foundation.
Operation of mortar pump:
Mortar pump operation is relatively simple. Just click the pump switch, the material will be conveyed. But it need operator when working. The practical range is very wide. It is easy to operate.
1.Check the mortar pump parts and bolts are in good condition. If it is abnormal, we should check and solve it;
2.Add pump materials to the hopper. Usually we can use mortar car. The material should be in proportion and mix thoroughly. Then transported by mortar pump;
3.Open the related pipeline valve and turn on the power switch for material transportation;
4.Promise the security work. Do not drop water on the pump and also ensure the safe power supply;
The maintenance of mortar pump. Proper maintenance should be taken after job completed.

mortar pump

Mortar pumps operation method

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