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LDS1500 small shotcrete pump

2021-07-12 20:56:36

LDS1500 small shotcrete pump
The LDS1500 small shotcrete pump is a lightweight shotcrete pump run by a highly-reliable direct drive planetary gearbox and hydraulic power pack. This sturdy workhorse is made better with the added improvement of a direct drive to the carousel.
The LDS1500 small shotcrete pump works with a hopper and hydraulic station used for pumping and spraying concrete in dome and swimming pool projects.

small shotcrete pump

small shotcrete pump

Usually the compression tube is only the wear part for the small shotcrete pump, the life of the Chinese compression tube is 800 hours, the working pressure is up to 1.5MPa. While the life of the France Trelleborg compression hose is 1200 hours, the working pressure is up to 3 MPa. We can design a suitable compression hose for the customer according to the customer's requirement.
Now we have three types small shotcrete pumps:
LDS1500G small shotcrete pump with gasoline engine:

shotcrete pump with gasoline engine 

LDS1500D small shotcrete pump with diesel engine:


shotcrete pump with diesel engine

LDS1500E small shotcrete pump with electric motor:

shotcrete pump with electric motor

We can also redesign the small shotcrete pump as per your need, such as changing color or adding wheels.
Change the color:

white shotcrete pump with electric motor

Add wheels: 


add wheels shotcrete pump

If you are interested in our small shotcrete pump, please contact us freely,

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