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Refractory mixer for making refractory bricks

2023-03-16 11:32:29

We have specially created two professional mixing mixers for the refractory industry - vertical shaft planetary refractory mixer and disc refractory mixer. These two refractory material mixing machines provide more advanced equipment for the production and manufacture of the entire refractory industry, and paint a bright color for the industry's specialized machinery. 
mixing refractory pan mixer

1. Advantages of refractory material mixer for making refractory bricks:
Compared with the general refractory mixing machinery in the industry market, the refractory material mixer: the processing time is short, and the function is fully exerted without destroying any mixture. The refractory material mixer has an upgraded design and strong functionality.
Whether the material mixed by the refractory material mixer is dry or wet, it can do the job. We not only provide advanced refractory material mixers, refractory material mixers, and castable material mixers, but also provide a complete set of automatic batching devices, and are equipped with feeding and conveying systems, a full set of PLC control, and a high degree of automation.

pan mixer for making refractory bricks

2. Structural device of planetary refractory mixer for manufacturing refractory bricks:
The refractory material mixer is specially designed according to the difficult working conditions of the reinforced gear box, with more reliable performance and longer service life.
The reasonable mixing structure design of the refractory material mixer makes the mixing more complete and lower energy consumption.
The special mixing tool design for refractory materials can meet the uniform mixing of various materials. The stirring tool has been specially treated with wear-resistant coating to provide its reliability.
According to the characteristics of raw materials in the industry, the refractory material mixer can use high wear-resistant alloy liners, special material liners, imported wear-resistant steel plates and surfacing wear-resistant liners for customers to choose.
The refractory mixer is equipped with an atomizing nozzle to improve the uniformity of spraying and increase the coverage area. According to the needs of use, the humidity test control device can be selected to meet the needs of more complex production conditions.

pan mixer for making refractory bricks

3. The advantages of the refractory material mixer (mixer) installed in the refractory material production line:
The refractory material mixer has a solid structure, reliability and durability; it is suitable for mixing various hard, powder, dry and abrasive mixed materials.
The refractory material mixing machine is easy to operate: automatic control, less manpower consumption, simple control system; simple maintenance and less replacement of wearing parts.
The refractory material mixing machine has high flexibility, can handle different refractory materials to be removed, has a large processing capacity, and is economical.

refractory bricks used refractory pan mixer

4.1 Application of refractory material mixer (refractory material mixer) in refractory material:
Silicon (silicon oxide), aluminum silicate, corundum, magnesium, magnesium calcium, aluminum magnesium, magnesium silicon,
Carbon composite refractory materials, zirconium refractory materials, special refractory materials, castables, spray coatings, ramming materials, plasticizable materials, pressing materials, projection materials, coating materials, dry vibration materials, self-flowing castable materials, refractory mud.

planetary mixer for making refractory bricks

4.2 Application of refractory material mixer (refractory material mixer) in castable industry:
(1) Boiler wear-resistant refractory materials, heat insulation (standard type, special-shaped) bricks, and thermal insulation material series.
(2) Silicon for coke ovens, refractory bricks, silica bricks for glass kilns, sintered zirconium corundum bricks and various refractory and thermal insulation materials.
(3) Series of refractories and insulation materials for cement kilns.
(4) Series of refractory materials and thermal insulation materials for the iron and steel industry.
(5) High-strength anti-penetration series and unshaped refractories for aluminum plants.

5. For the selection of refractory material mixer for manufacturing refractory bricks, the following equipment factors should be considered:
(1) The production efficiency of refractory material mixer equipment and the degree to which the materials that can be manufactured can ensure product quality.
(2) The reliability of the refractory mixer equipment during operation and the degree of adaptability to working conditions.
(3) The degree of safety guarantee for the operation of the refractory material mixer.
(4) The completeness of the refractory material mixer equipment and the matching of other refractory material production equipment, and finally the economic benefits of the refractory material mixer equipment after it is put into production.
(5) The adaptability of the refractory material mixer to the production of different types of refractory materials and changes in operating conditions, and the application of the refractory material mixer to the standardization of environmental protection.
(6) The difficulty of maintenance of the refractory material mixer equipment, and the equipment manufacturer's provision of related supporting devices for the refractory material mixer. The refractory material mixer equipment consumes energy and raw materials.

250kg 500kg 800kg 1000kg refractory pan mixer

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