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Foam chemical to make block CLC

2023-03-09 17:12:22

Cement foam chemical, also known as foam concrete foaming agent, cement foaming agent refers to an admixture that can reduce the surface tension of a liquid and produce a large amount of uniform and stable foam for the production of foamed concrete. Foaming agent is a kind of substance that can make its aqueous solution produce a large amount of foam when mechanical force is introduced into the air. This kind of substance is surfactant or surface active substance. The essence of the foaming agent is its surface activity. Without surface activity, it cannot be foamed, and it cannot be a foaming agent. Surface activity is the core of foaming.

foam agent for CLC block construction

foam agent to make block CLC

The plant-based cement foaming agent is made of imported high-quality natural plant polymer materials, and is produced through a series of complex chemical reactions. The product is a light yellow pure transparent liquid. Insensitive to hard water, non-toxic, odorless, and sediment-free. The PH value is close to neutral, non-corrosive to cement and metal, and does not pollute the environment. The foaming agent is storage-resistant, not easy to deteriorate, has excellent foaming performance, rich foam, and moderate foam stability. Using this foam agent for CLC block construction to make foamed cement has the characteristics of less consumption, low cost, and stable quality. Each barrel of foaming agent (200kg) can produce about 500 cubic meters of foamed cement, so it is widely used in In floor heating projects and roof insulation projects, construction costs can be significantly reduced.

foam chemical to make block CLC

Foam chemical to make block CLC can foam various raw materials such as cement, magnesium oxide, lime, gypsum, stone powder, sawdust, fly ash, sand, paper mill waste slag and white mud, and make foam concrete, partition board, and lath , Blocks, hollow bricks, solid bricks, thermal pipe protection sleeves, roof insulation panels, floor heating, simple activities and other lightweight foam building materials.

foam chemical for CLC block construction

Foam agent to make block CLC is widely used:
Suitable for bricklaying, self-leveling, plastering of interior and exterior walls, tiling, flooring, building, cement hollow bricks, pavement blocks, culverts, basements, pools, toilets, kitchens, etc. mixed mortar and cement mortar in various industrial and civil buildings .
Insulation layer for ground radiant heating and roof insulation;
Filling wall blocks inside and outside buildings, sound insulation walls; thermal insulation, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion of municipal pipelines such as water supply, heating, oil pipelines, etc.;
Construction of plant cultivation greenhouses and cold storage;
Filling the internal voids of tunnels and building gaps;
The base laying of sidewalks, sports fields and sports fields.

foam chemical to make foam concrete

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