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Mini CLC making machine

2021-04-30 14:33:15

Mini CLC block machine
Foam concrete specially made by mini CLC block machine is an advanced lightweight thermal insulation material. And this material has many closed holes. With the aid of the foaming system of the mini CLC block machine, the foaming agent can fully and mechanically foam. Then mix the foam and cement slurry uniformly. Next, the mixture will be drawn from the pumping system, cast into place or shaped into molds. After natural curing, foam concrete forms. Professional mini CLC block machine manufacturer Lead equipment can provide you with high quality mini CLC block machine for sale. 

Mini clc block machine

Mini CLC block machine, also known as concrete foam machine or foam mixer, is a new advanced concrete mixer specially designed for foam concrete. The design of the concrete foaming machine also has the advantages of high mixing quality, stable performance, low energy consumption, good sealing and short discharge time. As a professional mini CLC block machine manufacturer, Lead equipment can definitely provide you with a high-quality mini CLC block machine. 
Of course, foam concrete has the advantages of light weight and environmental protection, and is widely used in the construction field. At the same time, foam concrete has the characteristics of high fire resistance, high thermal insulation, low density and high strength, and water resistance. In addition, foamed concrete has a long service life and is easy to maintain. However, it can only be manufactured with a CLC block machine. 
 Mini clc block machine
The performance advantages of mini CLC block machine are many, and the performance of the automation system is superior. The equipment has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance, and easy mechanical debugging. The advantage of the mini CLC block machine over other mixers is that the mixer effectively solves the inherent disadvantages of the transmission mixer. The equipment failure rate of the mini CLC block machine is extremely low: the structural design of the mini CLC block machine determines the trouble of the shaft end seal of the mixer, and the excellent uniformity of the mixing will not produce the phenomenon of the mixer holding the shaft and the breaking of the mixing arm. Yes, the vertical axis planetary mixer is effective in mixing foam concrete, and the slurry and foam can achieve high uniformity mixing.
Leadcrete mini CLC block machine can be used in producing various specifications of cement foam board, cement foam bricks and external wall insulation material. Also applied for insulation, moisture proofing, anticorrosion of water, heating and transmission oil pipeline, insulation of low temperature cold store and refrigerated depot section, can also be used in filling tunnel and mine internal voids etc. 

Mini clc block machine

Mini CLC block machine Operation process: first put foaming agent into foaming generator and foaming, put it into mixture with cement, and, water and mix, then cast molding into a new type of material.
We can customize according to your project. If you want to know more mini CLC block machine price, please feel free to contact us, the email:

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