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Operating manual for Chinese shotcrete machine

2017-04-22 16:33:47

1. The machine driver must be trained and qualified evaluation and operation license. The operator must strictly abide by the regulations concerning safety signals;

2. Vehicular jet, its chassis should according to the relevant provisions of the motor vehicle technical standards;

3. Before starting, check the injection machine and related equipment lubrication, connection, and operating situation, confirm the safety and reliability. Operators must wear protective supplies;

4. The boot should be air supply, and then drive motor, after feeding; Outage should first stop of material, after a power outage motivation, to stop the wind;

5. Check the condition of material in the mixer, the mixture ratio, moisture must conform to the requirements of the injection machine;

6. The pipe blocked, should first stop feeding, by compressed air. Transporting pipe, the discharge elbow must be installed fastening, avoid injury;

7. After each injection operation, washing machine, include: cleaning hopper excess stock; Blasting hole, transporting pipe material; Remove the discharge elbow, rubber sealing plate; Cleaning the machine outside surface;

8. Check the oil, the oil level of lubrication part, complement, replaced regularly;

9. The experiment was carried out on the water pump, the accelerator pump leak on a regular basis;

10. It is prohibited to use dry shotcrete machine;

Operating manual for Chinese shotcrete machine

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