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Selection instructions of hose pump

2017-04-21 17:16:17

1. When the process conditions for the intermittent production and no quantitative requirements, the hose pump rated flow can be greater than the actual need for traffic.

  2. When the process conditions for continuous production, the actual flow rate should be consistent with the hose pump rated flow. If the required flow can be adjusted, you can choose with the frequency control hose pump.

  3. The hose pump rated pressure refers to the hose pump in a power motor under the working pressure, the hose pump's actual working pressure is the system where the hose pump itself, the loss of pipeline resistance and enhance the height of the decision. Therefore, in the design selection the actual working pressure in the system will be less than the rated pressure of the hose pump. If the actual working pressure is different from the rated pressure of the hose pump, the motor can be reprovisioned.

  4. The use of ordinary hose temperature ≤ 100 ℃, consider the production process will produce heat, generally used for medium temperature less than 80 ℃ conditions If the ventilation (or cooling) heat conditions better, the medium temperature can be 100 ℃. If the material temperature is greater than 100 ℃, need to use special heat-resistant hose.

  5. The delivery of health-class media (such as: food, medicine, etc.), can be used special health-level hose, please specify when ordering.

  6. The main components of the hose for the natural rubber and butyl rubber, please consider the choice of hose on the transport medium adaptability.

  7. The hose pump import and export in the same direction, and import and export interchangeable, according to piping and the actual situation to determine.

  8. The import and export of hose pumps in the form of flange connection and plug-in connection.

  9. Double-tube hose pump inlet and outlet interface is a single interface.

  10. According to user needs non-standard design. 

instructions of hose pump

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