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How to make foam concrete blocks

2020-06-08 13:49:31

How to make foam concrete blocks
The foam concrete block is made up of a foaming agent and typical mortar. Concrete foam was originally used as insulation in the 1920s. The material was brought into home construction projects in the '80s where it was used as an inexpensive patch alternative for walkways and walls. It was also found easy to manipulate and form molds that were inexpensive to make and light enough to move around. It has the benefits of being stress-free to construct and contains fewer chemicals, which crafters tend to prefer for small projects around the home.

how to make foam concrete blocks

The best way to make foam concrete blocks is in batches, as opposed to a continuous method. Foamed concrete blocks can be made by:
Pouring foamed concrete into large moulds, to make large blocks, that are cut into smaller blocks when the foamed concrete is solid but has not yet gained any strength.
Pouring the foamed concrete into a large mould that is sub-divided (partitioned) into smaller block sized moulds, when the mould is removed the blocks do not need to be cut.

foam concrete blocks making machine

To create foam concrete blocks you need silos for cement and sand, fast mixers for making slurry, slow mixers for blending foam into slurry, casting moulds, cutting equipment, storage racks, handling equipment, water, compressed air and electricity for powering equipment. Some of this is common to all factories, no matter what they produce. The rest is common to all factories which make concrete fabrications. The special equipment needed for making foamed concrete is the foam concrete blocks making machine - several foam concrete equipment would be needed for efficient factory operation.

 foam concrete blocks

So if you want to make foam concrete blocks, you can choose foam concrete. And our foam concrete machine is specially designed for foam concrete blocks, it is a good choice. Foam concrete machine for wall casting is new way to build houses, in this way, the house is comfortable, thermal insulation, waterproof, fireproof, sound reduction, shock resistance, etc. You could contact us freely when you need the foam concrete machine for wall casting.  

working site

If you want to produce the CLC blocks, lightweight wall panels, floor heating, roof insulation, etc. You could contact us freely.

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