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Machine for shotcrete fibres concrete

2019-07-24 17:05:09

Shotcrete fibres concrete machine is also called as dry mix shotcrete machine, which is mainly used for spraying dry concrete, only add water in the nozzle assy. Please check the below dry mix shotcrete machine process picture. 

Dry shotcrete  process

Dry mix shotcrete machine process

hotcrete fibres concrete machine is rotor type shotcrete machine, belong also to thin flow type spraying machine. Because of adding compressed air in whirl stream implement,this point is different from thick flow type shotcrete machine. Brief summary, Lead gunite machine for sale is adding dry concrete materials ( sand,  cement, stone without water) into gunning machine hopper, rotor body is continuously rotating feed, and then add compressed air blowing materials to nozzle assy, adding water in nozzle assy. Dry materials is fully mixed with water at the spray nozzle, and then spraying wet concrete on the working surface.

shotcrete machine rotor


Leadcrete spraying firbes concrete machine spraying effect depends largely on operator skill, operator will control water addition. Material and water mixing directly affect the spray effect of concrete effect. Steel rotor plate and sealing plate is key parts for gunning machine, Lead Equipment provided nice quality steel rotor plate and sealing plate for customers. Nice quality product could not only improve machine service life, but also could reduce machine maintenance cost. Once the machine go wrong in the use, which will seriously affect the production progress of the project. As owning 20 years of experience in gunning machine, Lead could provide electric motor, diesel engine, air motor three different drive type machine for shotcrete firbes, and diesel engine and air motor is very suitable for remote working site and could not receive the electric power supply all the time.

Electric shotcrete machine

Electric motor shotcrete machine


machine for shotcrete fibres concrete

Diesel engine shotcrete machine

Air motor shotcrete machine

No matter which type of shotcrete machine, all need air compressor to provide compressed air. We could also provide suitable discharge air compressor for customers. Want to know much information regards Machine for shotcrete fibres concrete, please check the our company website:

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