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Shotcrete machine daily operating requirements for drivers

2016-09-05 16:30:31

1. General requirements

    a. The driver must be trained to master structure, performance, the basic principle of shotcrete machine, so that uses, maintains, would be maintained, it will deal with general fault. After passing the examination and obtain a certificate before induction operation.

    b. The driver is responsible for shotcrete machine operation and safety of the maintenance work.

2. Before the start of preparation

    a. Inspect all joints are secure, each rotary sliding parts are flexible and reliable.

    b. Check the drive motor and the power connections, jog the motor rotation direction is consistent with the observation direction of the work, or the power to deal with phase modulation.

    c. Check the gas line, waterways is smooth.

    d. Adjust the clamping mechanism, manually pre-pressed, and then use the wrench to tighten 2-3 laps, bent conveying pipe, open the main gas line, the gas line shut-off valve, pressure gauge observed at around 0.3MPa, rubber PCB at the availability of gas escape.

    e. Appropriate adjustments to each manifold valve to ensure adequate gas supply vibrating screen, vibrating good.

3. The injection operation

    a. Open the shut-off valve for each manifold, open nozzle shut-off valve, pre-wet rock surfaces.

    b. Start the motor, the vibrator pneumatic shut-off valve open, mixed feed hopper was added to start the injection operation. Work operator should be properly adjusted sprinkler water supply to ensure that the concrete material has a suitable ratio.

    c. The driver operating the host side to observe more than stomatal, such as more than material discharge, should be appropriate to reduce the amount of gas under the gas path. Until the machine is no more than the mouth of the gas discharge material, the device is working so far.

4. Other considerations

    a. Before the shutdown, stop feeding, no material to be discharged at the nozzle, shut off the water supply shut-off valve.

    b. While adding a small amount to wet sand in the hopper, so that the feed hopper and the rotor chamber scrap rinse.

    c. To be no material at the nozzle discharge when turning off the motor power, turn off all gas line shut-off valve and the control switch is closed.

    d. Each class should dismantle discharge elbow, rubber PCB rotator, remove the adhesive material, demolition seat body, remove accumulated here over the body of material and spraying machine body clean.

    e. Feeding should be uniform, harmonized with the spray operation, avoid crushing shaker phenomenon.

    f. Do not touch the stirring gray material on the sieve. 

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