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Industrial hose pump in Singapore

2018-10-17 10:06:47

Peristaltic pump is named as industrial hose pump, because a squeeze hose for pumping materials in pump house.
Completely get rid of the traditional pump impeller and shaft seal operation mode, has great advantages for large viscosity, corrosion, and fluid impurities in the transport of the medium, is a completely different principle from the traditional transfer pump, a wide range of applications.

working principle

Compared with other model pump, hose pump in Singapore has no valve, no seal, no moving parts come into contact with materials, only squeeze hose contact with materials and squeeze hose is spare part for peristaltic pump, easy to maintain. Once squeeze hose is damaged, only need 15 minutes finish changing.

Peristaltic pump for foam concrete internal structure

It is precisely because of these advantages of peristaltic pumps, more and more industrial applications start using peristaltic hose pumps. Especially for pumping foam concrete, mining slurry, bentonite, sewage etc. Leadcrete Peristaltic pump for foam concrete could protect foam concrete, don’t damage foam concrete feature in the working.

As the peristaltic foam concrete pump manufacturers, Leadcrete could provide France trelleborg hose and Chinese squeeze hose for customers’ option.
Usually France trelleborg hose service life is 1200h, working pressure max. 3Mpa, while Chinese squeeze hose service life is 800h, working pressure max. 1.5Mpa. Customers could choose suitable squeeze hose according to specific project.
If you also have purchase plan regards Industrial hose pump Singapore, please let us know what is the output and working pressure you require, we will recommend the suitable hose pump for you.
Even though your local voltage is different with ours, we could also customize the suitable voltage for you according to your demands. More detailed information, please check our website: 

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