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Foam concrete wall panels machine for sale

2018-10-19 10:25:15

Foam concrete wall panels machine is used to produce lightweight foam concrete wall panels. Our foam concrete wall panels machine includes hydraulic station, mould head, base strips, bead strips, all these parts are used to produce solid wall panels; if you want to make hollow wall panels, we also provide core tubes and pipe pulling machine to you.

foam concrete wall panels machine

We can provide 3000mm*60mm*120/150/200/250mm 4 regular sizes to you, all these sizes are in one mould. In this way, you can save lots of money, because you do not need 4 foam concrete wall panels machines, just change some parts of the foam concrete wall panels machine, we can realize different sizes wall panels making, such as, base strips, bead strips,etc. If you need other sides, we can customize for you.

foam concrete wall panels machine for sale

The advantages of our foam concrete wall panels machine:
1. This equipment adopts hydraulic and electrical system to open and close the mold. High mechanization and automatic.
2. It need less time for demolding and curing.

3. High precision, good flatness.

4. Very durable and no-clean. The pipes are taken out electrically, so it is more labor-saving and time-saving.

5. Widely application. It can be used for making various kind of lightweight wallboard such as cement, magnesite, gypsum and so on. The length and thickness is adjustable.
When we producing the foam concrete wall panels, just a foam concrete wall panels machine is not enough, because before we make foam concrete wall panels, we need the foam concrete. So we need the foam concrete machine to produce the fluid foam concrete.

foam concrete machine for sale

Our foam concrete machine is multifunctional, which can realize feeding, foaming, mixing and pumping at the same time. It is a completed production line, very convenient. Just use this two machines, foam concrete machine and foam concrete wall panels machine, you can make the foam concrete wall panels easily. Of course, foam agent is necessary, if you need, we also supply to you.

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