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Hydroseeding machine for mining area green

2020-08-28 17:54:41

Hydroseeding machine for mining area green

The PB series hydroseeding machine involves planting permanent vegetation, spraying mud, protecting slopes, grazing and preventing erosion.

hydroseeding machine for mining

Hydroseeding machine usually includes the use of a mixture of wood fibers, seeds, fertilizers and stable emulsions with water mulching equipment that temporarily protects exposed soil from water and wind erosion. Cost effective because it is a one-time maintenance application with the lowest maintenance cost and no labor cost. Rain Water collection can be used to maintain soil moisture.

Diesel-driven hydroseeding machine, electronic control, it is easy to operate, especially suitable for outdoor conditions, suitable for all kinds of mining sites, rock slopes, hard soils, poor soils, acid soils, arid areas, clay and coastal dams, etc.

hydroseeding machine for mining area green

The hydroseeding machine is suitable for mining area green to carry out work, and each of these vegetation mining areas faces similar challenges in vegetation restoration.

The extremely low fertility level of the growth medium in the mine (caused by the tailings with high metal content and the local subway ore body with high silica content), which means that the area is “usually completely sterile and completely mineral , The organic content is 0%. Some trace elements are too rich, such as manganese and iron, we must discard plants that do not allow high manganese and high iron content in the soil
The vegetation goals for these sites are simple: "To grow permanent, perennial, self-sustaining herbaceous plants, and to turn the sterile pure mineral growth medium into fertile soil, a real living soil."

Achieving this goal means using various hydraulic seeding techniques on site.

Our company has a highly reliable and versatile trailer-mounted hydroseeding machine for mining in the range of 3m3-15m3. Fully hydraulic operation, paddle wheel agitator and slurry pump (so no clutch) means that they are safer for workers to operate. The stainless steel tank and stirrer rotor keep them from rusting or corroding.

hydroseeding machine for green

Annual grasses can keep the soil intact. Orchard grass, Timothy grass, clover and fescue are commonly used for vegetation restoration in the area, as is rye.

To control erosion, we used runoff ponds, used all-weather coverage when planting seeds, and used stone ditches.

PB series hydroseeding machine is equipped with high quality, mine spec'd machinery ready to service the mining, civil, industrial and streetscape sectors.
Hydroseed soils have better moisture than hand-seeded soils, so seeds can germinate faster. In addition, hydroseeding includes fewer grass seeds, no soil layering, and adds adhesive condensants that will not be washed away.

Hydroseeding forms a uniformly covered area, creating an obstacle to keeping seeds stable and retaining moisture, fertilizers and other healthy growth-promoting nutrients. Other beneficial coverage advantages of hydroseeding are its ability to cover areas that are too large, difficult and difficult to access, such as steep slopes. Coupled with increased plant survival and faster germination.

hydroseeding for mining sites

One of the main differences between hydroseeding and other seeding methods is its ability to sow economically large and hard-to-reach areas where other seeding methods may not be easy to achieve.

Hydroseeding creates an ideal micro-environment for seed germination, as slurry material enhances the seed germination process and stimulates the seeds to grow healthy, deep-rooted systems in the soil with the most moisture. Because hydro-farming slurry is a combination of different elements to help maximize seed growth, each of these individual elements brings a variety of benefits to the hydro-farming process. Covered membrane fibers help prevent wind and water erosion while protecting the surface from sunlight and soil temperature fluctuations. Eventually, the membrane fibers break down and increase the nutrients of the soil to enhance the germination process. When fertilizer is used with the film, the phosphorus content is high, which can promote root growth, and the soil improver can improve the pH of the soil.

Hydrosowing is faster, easier to install, and can be managed without reducing significant labor costs. After proper hydrosowing and watering the seed will begin to grow in about 2 weeks.

hydroseeding for mining

Seeds have the ability to weigh up to 10 times more than water, so it has been absolutely proven to be the best way to protect seeds with fast, healthy germination, high plant survival and the use of moisture sealants. In terms of water preservation, no other method has the advantage of hydroseeding. In a watered-seeded mixture, the mixture is anchored to the slope using fiber mulrites and adhesives to help seal the moisture. Water, together with nutrients, is then slowly released into the root system, replenishing its energy until t

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