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Hose pump for pumping lightweight concrete

2020-08-27 13:38:24

Hose pump for pumping lightweight concrete
Leadcrete is a professional hose pump production company, we have own design and development team, according to the needs of customers to carry out the production design. Our hose pump for pumping lightweight concrete has been praised by foreign customers and exported to India, Malaysia, UAE and other countries pumping lightweight concrete pump and other traditional pump is different in that can be started under high pressure, low pressure pump using slipper instead of the drum start. So the biggest advantage of pumping lightweight concrete pump is that it can be started under high pressure, which requires a higher technical setting. 

hose pump for pumping lightweight concrete

The pumping lightweight concrete pump uses lightweight concrete, which has the following advantages over concrete. The advantage of lightweight concrete is to reduce the mass and improve the thermal and sound insulation performance while maintaining sufficient strength. Although weight reduction has many benefits, the most important thing is to reduce energy requirements during construction. The hose pump for pumping lightweight concrete is playing an important role in many projects.

pumping lightweight concrete pump

The GCP40H-E pumping lightweight concrete pump body part is the squeeze hose pump .The hose pump speed is 39 rpm, the pressure is 2.5Mpa and it is suitable for most engineering applications.  The hose pump for pumping lightweight concrete is more used for pumping foam concrete, mortar and refractory materials.  The pumping lightweight concrete pump is also used for spraying concrete or refractory.

Hose pump for pumping lightweight concrete

The principle of the hose pump is to pump lightweight concrete: when the pumping lightweight concrete pump is activated, a pair of pressure rollers on the rotor body will rotate along the special rubber tube. The pressure generated by the pressure roller and the pump housing flatten the rubber tube, and the elastic pressure of the rubber tube itself and the side guide rollers return to the original state, the liquid will be attracted by the generated vacuum, and the liquid will be discharged from the tube by dynamic pressure and move back and forth.
Because pumping lightweight concrete pumps will cause losses during use, our company will adopt the following methods to reduce losses. First, use the longest possible reducer to reduce the size of the pipeline, so that the growth of the reducer can reduce the resistance of the concrete passing through the reducer. Second, the number of elbows and the length of the discharge hose should be kept to a minimum. All elbows, rubber hoses and reducers on the deck will increase pipe resistance and require higher pipe pressure. This will increase the moisture absorption of the aggregate and reduce the slump. Third, tight joints in the piping system are essential to prevent grout loss. The ends and joints of the pipe must be clean to properly install the gasket and ensure a good seal.
If you are interested in the machine and don’t know which type grouting pump is suitable for your project, send your answers and demands to more suitable type and the best price.

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