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cyclone gunite machine for sale

2016-08-09 16:03:42

We are a professional cyclone gunite machine manufacturer in China. Our shotcrete machines include electric drive gunite machine, diesel drive shotcrete machine, air motor concrete spraying machine. Today We introduce cyclone gunite machine to you.

We have dry mix, wet mix and refractory three type gunite machine which use air motor. After another down, I introduce to you one by one.
Dry mix cyclone gunite machine

1. LZ-3 dry-mix shotcrete machine

·         Output Capacity:3(m3/h)

·         Rotor Speed:14(r/min)

·         Suitable Mix Ratio:≤1:3~5

·         Max. Aggregate Size:Φ10(mm)

·         Conveying Hose Inner Diameter:Φ38/Φ50(mm)

·         Conveying Pressure:0.2-0.4(MPa)

2. LZ-5 dry-mix gunite machine

·         Rated Output:5 (m3/h)

·         Motor Power:5.5(KW)

·         Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance:200(m)

·         Suitable Mix Ratio:≤ 1.3~5

·         Water Cement Ratio:< 0.4

·         Max. Aggregate Size:Φ15 (mm)

3. LZ-9 dry-mix concrete spraying machine

·         Output Capacity:9(m3/h)

·         Electric Motor:7.5(KW)

·         Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance:200(m)

·         Suitable Mix Ratio:≤1:4~5

·         Max. Aggregate Size:Dia.20 (mm)

·         Conveying Hose Inner Diameter:Dia.64 mm 

Wet mix cyclone shotcrete machine
LSZ3000 wet shotcrete machine

·         Rated Output:5(m3/h)

·         Main Motor Power:7.5(KW)

·         Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance:35m(wet)/200m(dry)

·         Max. Aggregate Size:15 (mm)

·         Concrete Slump:8~15(cm)

·         Conveying Hose Inner Diameter:51/ 64(mm)

Refractory  cyclone gunite machine
LZ-3AR refractory gunite machine

·         Rated Output :1-3m3 /h (2-6 ton/h)

·         Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance :200m

·         Max. Aggregate Size :Φ10 mm

·         Conveying Hose Inner Diameter :38mm

·         Operating air Pressure :0.2-0.4MPa(29-58PSI)

·         Air Consumption :10-11m3/min
We also could design it according to your requirement. If you have any questions or have a specific need and do not see it listed below please don't hesitate to ask. Our email address:



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