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Hydroseeder equipment for grass seed spray

2021-08-12 11:10:57

Hydroseeder equipment for grass seed spray

Hydroseder equipment for grass seed spray is widely used in road (railway) side slope greening, mine re-greening, sand control, river embankment protection, large-area green space reconstruction, etc. Hydroseeder machine for grass seed spray is a new type of greening method. Grass seeds, water-retaining agents, adhesives, fertilizers, etc. used for greening are mixed with water in a mixing container to form a colloidal mixed slurry, which is sprayed on the land waiting to be seed with a pressure pump. Because the mixed slurry contains water-retaining materials and various nutrients, it ensures the source of water and other nutrients required for plant growth, and enables plants to grow healthily and quickly. It is suitable for large-area greening operations, especially suitable for areas lacking irrigation facilities in arid areas.

Hydroseeder equipment for grass seed spray

Our LHS series hydroseeder equipment
-- more horsepower with high efficiency hydraulic system, it is hot selling hydroseeder all over the world. The efficiency of operation, high production capabilities and low maintenance requirements make the LHS series hydroseeder machine is perfect for the mid-size to large hydroseeding projects on large residential and commercial properties, industrial parks, highways, mine reclamation and more. 

Hydroseeder equipment for grass seed spray

Compared with the traditional method of planting lawns, hydroseeder equipment for grass seed spray has many advantages:
1. High efficiency. The processes of fertilization, mixing, seeding, and mulching are completed at one time, which is less affected by wind, and improves the speed and quality of grass seed spray;
2. Easy to operate. To overcome the influence of unfavorable natural conditions, it can be sprayed on steep slopes where direct seed sowing is difficult, and at the same time it can resist wind, rain, water erosion. And satisfy the needs of building flats under different site conditions;
3. Low cost. The cost is lower than that laying turf rolls, and it does not occupy farmland, and does not need to carry out excavation, shipment, planting and long-distance transportation, which reduces labor intensity;
4. High technological content. Hydroseeder equipment for grass seed spray integrates grass seeds, fertilizers and wrapping materials (fibers). It combines chemical energy and biological energy, and applies it to the surface through mechanical energy, which reflects the scientific and advanced nature of biological planting. hydroseeder equipment for grass seed spray is a revolution in grass seed planting technology.
How to successfully plant seeds:
Firstly, correct formulation of the mud mixture, which includes fertilizers, soil amendments, natural seeds, thickeners and organic materials. The correct mixing of the mixture can promote faster germination and growth of seeds, improve seed resistance and protect seeds from sunlight, wind and erosion.
Secondly, to blend the mixture of fertilizers, soil amendments, natural seeds, thickeners and organic materials in the correct proportions.
Thirdly, spray the slurry with the correct water pressure.

Hydroseeder equipment for grass seed spray

Precautions for the use of hydroseeder equipment for grass seed spray:
1. The hydroseeder equipment for grass seed spray should be fixed firmly.
2. From the beginning of feeding, turn off the stirring switch strictly to prevent precipitation.
3. After each spraying, the spray gun should be flushed with clean water.
4. The hydroseeder equipment for grass seed spray should be managed, maintained by a dedicated person.
5. Add grease oil once per working cycle.
Please contact us if you have any requirements for our hydroseeder equipment. It also can be customized according to your needs.
The email:
In order to confirm which type hydroseeder machine suitable for your job, could you please help us to confirm the following information:
1. What's the project you will use the machine do? for slope greening or playground greening or other?
2. What's the mixing tank capacity you need, 3000L, 6000L, 8000L, 13000L, 15000L or bigger or smaller?
3. About the engine, do you need Chinese brand engine or Cummins engine?

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