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CLC block making mould

2021-07-07 18:23:15

CLC block making mould
We are professional CLC block making mould manufacturer, which can provide good quality moulds to you. We have already exported foam concrete moulds to many countries, we have rich experience. Hope we will have a good cooperation.

We have 2 kinds CLC block making moulds for sale-solid mould and interlocking mould.

solid mould


interlocking mould

One is solid mould, CLC block size is 600*200*100mm, 600*200*200mm, these are our regular size, if you need other sizes, we can customize for you. 
When CLC block size is 600*200*100mm, we have two set moulds size to choose, 2110*700*400mm and 2100*1200*400mm, one set solid mould can make 20 pcs CLC block.
When CLC block size is 600*200*200mm, we have two set moulds size to choose, 2110*700*400mm and 2100*1200*400mm, one set solid mould can make 10 pcs CLC block.

solid mould

The other is interlocking mould, CLC block size is 600*250*150mm and 550*275*300mm, these are our rehular size. One set interlocking mould can make 6 pcs CLC block. 
When CLC block size is 600*250*150mm, package size is 1600*1000*500mm, mould weight is 75kg.
When CLC block size is 550*275*300mm, package size is 2100*630*280mm, mould weight is 75kg.

interlocking mould

Beside CLC block making mould, we provide foam concrete machine and foam agent for foamed brick products.

foam concrete machine

Our foam concrete machine have 5m3/h, 10m3/h, 20m3/h capacity for choose, we also can customize for you.

foam concrete machine

foam concrete machine

Our foaming agent main contain is plant protein, which is a transparent liquid. It's non-toxic, no sediment, non-corrosive to cement and metal, environmental friendly and easy to store. 

Advantages of our foam agent: 
1. Foam size: about 1mm, very fine; 
2. Foam size and foam distribution is even; 
3. Foaming ratio is 30 times, more efficiency;
4. Foam stability is good, due to plant protein surface film strength is high.  

If you are interested in our 
foam concrete machineCLC block making moulds and foam agent, please contact us freely: for catalog and price.

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