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Hydroseeder buses Singapore

2021-05-14 18:45:23

Hydroseeder buses Singapore
Hydroseeder buses Singapore is a beautification method which combines spraying and irrigation-free. Grass seeds for beautification, water-retaining agent, adhesive, green fiber covering and fertilizer are mixed with water in a mixing container to form colloidal mixed slurry, which is sprayed and sown on the land to be sown by a pressure pump. Because the mixed slurry contains water and other nutrients needed by the growth of plants, the plants can grow healthily and rapidly, and there is no need to replenish water repeatedly. It is suitable for large-scale beautification operations, especially in arid areas lacking irrigation equipment.

Hydroseeder buses Singapore

(1) The mechanization degree is high, and the grass can be planted quickly in a large area. Hydroseeder Singapore is a modern grass planting machine with high efficiency. A hydroseeder buses Singapore can spray 8000~10000m2 per day.
(2) Wide adaptability, planting lawn in areas difficult to be constructed manually. Because the guest soil spraying machine is equipped with a high-pressure spraying gun which can adjust the direction arbitrarily, its spraying head is 30~80m, in addition, it is also equipped with a spraying hose of more than 30 meters. Therefore, hydroseeder Singapore can build lawns on steep slopes and high slopes which are difficult to construct manually.

Hydroseeder buses Singapore

(3) Establish lawns in areas where plants are difficult to survive. Nutrients, soil and other ingredients are dissolved in the seed mixture sprayed by the spraying gun at high speed, which can make plants grow into a flat in difficult places. -The ingredients contain water-retaining agent, which can absorb dozens of times to hundreds of times of water, and it not only has strong water absorption ability, but also does not flow out even if it is squeezed hard after absorbing water; But when it is mixed into the soil, the water can be released slowly. Therefore, the application of water-retaining agent can keep the physical properties of soil, which is beneficial to ventilation, water storage and drainage, especially to improve drought resistance.
(4) It can build high-quality lawn. What hydroseeder buses Singapore spews out is the grass seeds that have been germinated in advance, which can save the time needed for germination of the grass seeds. In addition, a thin film is formed on the ground surface, which can preserve heat and water. Therefore, the seedlings emerge quickly, grow quickly, cover the soil surface quickly, and have uniform density and good canopy density.
(5) The maintenance is simple, and it can be leveled without watering after spraying, which is suitable for managing extensive barren hills and slopes.
(6) According to specific natural conditions or design requirements, several different grass seeds can be selected for mixed sowing, so as to achieve the effect of complementary advantages in coverage, root system, growth period and stress resistance.

Hydroseeder buses Singapore

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