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Suitable and economical hydroseeder for sale

2019-01-05 10:14:11

After the type of the soil spraying machine is determined, the volume of the tank of the hydroseeding machine is determined according to the distance between the working of the spraying machine and the width of the road.
If the working distance of the spray is close and the road is narrow, it is possible to select a small spray machine, such as a 1-cube hydroseeding machine and a 2-cube hydroseeding machine.
If the working distance between the spray and the broadcast is long, the road width is moderate, and the 4 cubic hydroseeding machine and the 6 cubic hydroseeding machine can be selected. If the request for watering is far away and the road is wide, you can pick 6 cubic jets, 8 cubic hydroseeding machine , etc.

hydroseeder for sale

After the volume range of the sprayer tank is determined, the power of the sprayer is determined according to the height and slope of the slope. If the slope is low and the slope is steep, it is possible to select a less powerful and economical model, such as a 2-cube hydroseeding spreader and a 62-kilowatt land-jet machine.
If the slope is high and the slope is steep, it is possible to select a machine with high power and adaptability, such as a 6-cubic hydraulic spreader and a 125-kilo passenger-soiler. If you have been landscaping for a long time and use it for a long time, you should choose a model with strong power for future use.

Finally, based on the economic capabilities of the company and the above-mentioned situation, after determining the economic investment required to purchase the hydroseeding machine, it is possible to accurately purchase the most suitable and economical jetting machine.
If you still don't understand the above situation, and continue to determine how to accurately purchase the spray machine, please contact us, we will help you choose the right model.

hydroseede machine hydroseeder

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