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Hydro semoir for sale

2021-04-22 16:10:00

Hydro semoir for sale
Hydro semoir for sale, also known as hydraulic spray seeder or hydraulic spray seeder, uses the principle of liquid state, which is also called sowing, to mix the germinated seeds into a container filled with a certain proportion of water, fiber covering, adhesive and fertilizer, and uses centrifugal pump to transport the mixed solution to the soil to be sown through a hose, forming a uniform covering.

Hydro semoir for sale

What are the characteristics of the hydraulic sprayer? Today, Leadcrete Equipment will introduce the performance characteristics of Hydro semoir:
1. It is especially suitable for covering 3D net, and can be molded once. In the construction site, according to the site conditions, appropriate amount of soil can be added to reduce the amount of paper fiber and wood fiber, greatly reduce the construction cost, accelerate the construction speed and effectively improve the germination rate and survival rate of grass seeds.
2. The whole hydro semoir price is driven by double diesel engines, with separate mixing and output power, higher lift and faster efficiency. It can not only be used for greening and spraying in large area of highway slope, railway slope and reservoir dam, but also for spraying rice fields, lawns, trees and flowers, crop seeds, etc. It can also be used for daily nursing and soil improvement such as irrigation, fertilization and pesticide spraying.
3. The operation of the machine is safe and simple. The anti-skid platform of the machine is equipped with a full-featured operation panel, and the 80cm-high fence can be loaded and unloaded as required, which not only ensures the safety of the console, gun operators and other workers, but also temporarily stacks goods on the workbench.
4. In the tank body, the double stirring forms of paddle mechanical stirring and circulating jet stirring are adopted, so that the materials can be in a fully suspended and uniform state during stirring and spraying, and the mixed raw materials can be uniformly sprayed out at one time.

Hydro semoir for sale

In order to ensure the quality of slope greening projects and the greening effect in the later period, there are a series of precautions before and after spraying in hydro semoir. Today, we will introduce the following:
1. In order to prevent landslides, need to play anchor, grouting, hanging net. Spray 3-5 planting soils on the slope.
2. It is necessary to level the slope surface and roughly level the uneven areas so as to make the thickness of the planting substrate uniform.
3. For the last time, mix the planting soil, paper pulp or wood fiber, water-retaining agent, adhesive and grass seeds evenly and spray them on the slope with a thickness of about 0.5—25px. In this way, grass seeds and materials are mixed evenly and moistened. Is beneficial to germination of grass seeds. If it is a sunny slope, the temperature is high, so the amount of seeds can be increased, and the amount of water-retaining agent can be increased for moisturizing.
4. Because the slope is too large, it is necessary to hang horizontal wooden poles, which can be local common wooden strips with a thickness of 3-5cm.
5. Maintenance: If it doesn't rain after spraying, water it frequently to keep the soil moist.
6. After the grass seeds are sprayed and sown, in order to prevent the direct sunlight, the water evaporates too fast and the rain washes away, it can be covered with non-woven fabric.
7. Pest and disease prevention: observe the growth of slope vegetation regularly, and give priority to the prevention of diseases and insect pests. Once they appear, spray them immediately.

Hydro semoir application

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