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How to maintain shotcrete machine

2016-06-23 19:02:16

As we all know, shotcrete machine is a new spraying machine, with its high efficiency, long life and other characteristics of widely welcomed by the people. The aircraft has significantly reduced the machine next to the dust concentration at the nozzle and improve the working environment of workers. Then do you know how to maintain shotcrete machine?

1. The rotor seal plate and liner are key parts of the machine must pay attention to their maintenance, to ensure that the failure does not always happen at work.

The pressing force of the rotor clamping system is applied to the entire plate sealed plate surface uneven matter distribution, and between the discharge port than the maximum air inlet, and the maximum pressure point as the rotor continues to drift around, the pressure differences by clamping systems to solve, so that when the machine running the joint surface leakage is extremely slight.

Machine applies the correct clamping of the wear and tear costs have an important impact.

If clamping improper gas pressure in the joint surface between the two plates to escape, and to carry out the fine particles of dust generated in the machine next to the outbreak of the role of this sand will erode the sealing plate, it can be disabled in a short time.

Sealing plate is not allowed due to excessive clamping overstressing generated, otherwise it will heat due to friction caused by excessive wear and tear, heat sealing plate limit of 1100C, generally use no more than 800C is normal.

Each class seal plate should be cleaned and checked for wear, if the rubber plate has been worn to such an extent: steel and rubber dowels flush with the surface or pores than the feed gas leak hole, sealing plate must be replaced. Because then the rotation will be in direct contact with the liner sealing plate steel dowels is not sufficiently effective seal pretension, but it lost tightness.

Rotor liner must be checked once a week, if there is deep scars carved (deeper than 1mm), it should be reground.

The liner hole edges should always check, it must be kept sharp edges, if the edges are chamfered, fine particles will be very easy to penetrate into the joint surface, increasing wear and tear. If for a new sealing plate, and the old liner material of the rotor hole with beveled edges, the new seal plate pot life will be significantly reduced.

Timely grinding rotor liner, removing the worn part, can save a lot of trouble and cost savings.

2. Release and discharge elbow material cavity having a release function, is generally not bonded at work, but after the end of each shift work should open rotor, elbow checked cleanup.

3. The gear unit should always pay attention to maintenance and maintenance:

    A. Should be cleaned after each shift gear unit outer surface adhesion of mixing materials and other debris;

    B. Frequently observed oil standard, should be promptly filled with lubricating oil shortage. No. 50 lubricants industrial gear oils or No. 46 machine oil;

    C. Total working 250 hours (about three months) after the replacement should be re-lubricating;

    D. The rotor should be filled square shaft bearing grease (top axis has a fuel inlet side).


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