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Why choose industrial hose pump for sewage transfer water treatment?

2022-08-17 17:40:21

1. The working principle of the hose pump for sewage transfer water treatment is very simple.
2. Compared to other pump technologies, industrial sewage transfer water treatment peristaltic pumps have fewer mechanical parts, reducing the service required for wearing parts.
3. Roller rotates to compress hose to move fluid.
4. The fluid does not contact any part of the pump, except the inner surface of the hose or tubing.
5. Our sewage transfer water treatment hose pumps are capable of self-priming or dry priming, preventing vent lock-up that can occur in sodium hypochlorite applications.
6. Our peristaltic hose pumps can run dry without damaging the pump or hose.
7. Hoses and tubes have excellent chemical and abrasion resistance to lime milk or lime slurry.
8. Hose pumps are ideal for shear sensitive fluids such as polymers. They transfer products gently without damaging structures (e.g. polymer chains).
9. Reduce Hose Wear: Our natural rubber hoses are highly abrasion resistant and have longer hose life, so less service is required.
10. Simple and fast maintenance: Regular service includes simple hose replacement, reducing total cost of ownership.
11. Metering applications typically use an integrated variable speed drive or the customer uses a fixed speed drive for more accurate flow rate control.
12. Flow can occur in either direction through the hose. This bi-directional flow enables users to easily clean hoses through flush lines and process piping systems.

sewage transfer water treatment pumps

hose pump for sewage transfer water treatment

industrial hose pump for sewage transfer

industrial hose pump for water treatment

hose pump for sewage treatment

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