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Corrosion-resistant industrial waste sewage conveying peristaltic pump

2022-08-11 15:05:45

The series of corrosion-resistant conveying peristaltic pump is a new type of multi-functional and multi-purpose industrial pump developed by absorbing foreign advanced technology. , The medium conveying with large fluid impurities has great advantages, and it has a completely different principle from the traditional conveying pump, and has a wider range of applications.

industrial waste sewage conveying pump

1. It has an unsealed structure without any leakage and pollution;
2. Using advanced rolling technology, the pressure roller does not need any lubrication;
3. Corrosion-resistant industrial waste sewage conveying peristaltic pump has strong self-priming ability and self-cleaning ability, and can absorb materials in both positive and negative directions;
4. Simple hose assembly, simple installation and maintenance, low maintenance cost and simple operation;
5. The flow rate can be adjusted linearly, with metering function;
6. There is no blockage in the fluid delivery of impurities with high viscosity;
7. The service life of the pump is longer, the head is high and the pressure of the industrial waste sewage conveying pump port is large.

corrosion-resistant conveying hose pump

A special rubber hose with smooth inner wall and reliable strength is installed inside the pump body, and is rotated and squeezed along the hose through a pair of pressure rollers. This rotation makes the medium convey in one direction without backflow. After that, under the force of the flattened hose's own elasticity and the side guide rollers, the hose returns to its original state. At this time, a high vacuum is generated in the hose to suck the medium into the lumen again, and then the medium is squeezed by the accompanying pressure roller. Press down to discharge from the hose. So the medium is continuously sucked in and discharged.
Application field of conveying hose pump:
1. Phosphate fertilizer and compound fertilizer: the transportation of spray granulation, thick slurry and sedimented sludge, quantitative transportation of laboratory fluid;
2. Mining and beneficiation: filling materials in gold mining, ore slurry transportation in gold smelting process, concentrated ore slurry, underground drainage, adsorbent, mortar and mortar, etc.;
3. Gold smelting industry: gold pulp, tailings;
4. Chemical industry: acid, alkali, phosphate slurry and inorganic salt materials such as titanium dioxide; crystallization liquid, suspension, latex, resin, ooze and various acid-base slurries;
5. Sewage treatment: transportation of sludge slurry, lime slurry, etc.;
6. Petroleum industry: drilling mud and crude oil transportation:
7. Ceramic industry: delivery of ceramic germ paste, slip and glaze;
8. Paper industry: pulp and sulfur pulp transportation;
9. Cosmetics: toothpaste, emulsion, conditioner, cotton cream, facial oil, etc.;
10. Construction industry: sewage and deep pit drainage, cement slurry, concrete slurry, ceiling coating, etc.:
11. Electroplating and electrolysis industry: electroplating solution, electrolyte, anode slime, sediment, etc.;
12. Food industry: conveying oil materials and beverages;
13. Pharmaceutical industry: transportation of various pharmaceutical liquids;
14. Transport of radioactive waste liquid, electrolysis slag, metal slag liquid, paint, coating, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, adhesives, glue, latex, refractory fiber pulp and all other liquids with high sealing requirements, high viscosity and high particle content.

hose pump for pumping oil base slurry

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